Southwest Montana Fly Fishing - Fly Fishing rates for the Gallatin River, Yellowstone River, and Madison River

When we are on full day, half-day or float, walk/wade trips we have the pick of the litter for rivers, we may fish most rivers in the middle reaches of the state, including Madison, Gallatin. Yellowstone Rivers, and the tributaries of each. To say which river on a particular day is a decision best left to your guide, and that can be for various reasons but mostly weather related. We do our best to accommodate requests for a river that you may have heard about or wanted to fish for a long time or has special significances for you.

For our half-day trips are more restrictive on travel time so the Gallatin River and Lower Madison River is the best bet for close proximity to Bozeman. The Full day float trips can have us traveling north, south, east or west in Montana to some of the famed waters the state has to offer. Arguably the most scenic way to fish our beautiful state, it is said that you will catch half the fish in your life standing in the water and the other half of the fish floating over the water. This means is that both are a productive ways to catch fish at times walking is the call but say summer hopper season is upon us, the most successful means of catching fish is from the boat. So one may not always be better than the other. Float fishing is the best way to accommodate the special needs of some people who may not be able to navigate the rushing water of our rivers.

 For over night trips on the river, this includes two days guided fishing, lunch for two days, one shore dinner on the first day and a light breakfast on the second day, as well as “comfortable” outdoor sleeping arrangements. These trips start at $1200.00 for two people per tent, boat, etc., with multiple boats up to three. We also do multi-day, multi-river trips for a truly memorable fishing vacation.

  All trips have a security deposit required at time of booking and is not refundable unless special arrangements have been made with the outfitter. Balance is due at time of services.

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